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Sacha Inchi Oil + Sacha Inchi Tea (BUNDLE) 印加果油 + 印加果茶 [double effect > to reduce cholesterol] 100ml + 20 tea bags

RM 95.00

Benefits for Health
Heart Health
- Helps reduce the risk of heart disease
- Helps prevent blood clotting
- Helps Lower or prevent high blood pressure
- Helps reduce cholesterol
- Helps prevent and reduce vascular inflammation
And Brain Health, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Control Blood Sugar, Diabetes, Obesity, Skin Health.
SACHEE sacha inchi oil can direct consumption, mix with sacha inchi tea, coffee or as a healthier substitute for other oil and salad dressings, and it gives dishes a unique flavor.
Direction of use
Adult – 5ml (1 tablespoon), 20 times spray pump (per pump is 250mg)
Children - 1ml (1/2 teaspoon), 4 times spray pump. (per pump is 250mg)

A smoothing Herbal Tea made with Sacha Inchi Leaf. The tea was made using sacha inchi leave.
The direction of use (Tea):
1. Place your teabag
2. add 200ml of  hot water
3. wait for 2-3 mins
4. ready to serve